*New* I made a YouTube channel!

 Hey All! I have a fun announcement to make. As the title of this blog post states, I now have a YouTube channel!!! Now to be honest, at this point in my career I am not popular on any form of social media. Much like this blog It is unlikely my channel will gain any popularity to begin with. Right now I am creating content mostly for myself as a way to express myself and capture the process and growth in my art.

That being said, I am very excited by the thought that this channel can bring me closer to anyone who has been interested in my work. If any of you are interested in my process, would like to see a studio tour or a q & a  type of video, I am up for any of it! I have never taught art before but I have a few tips that fellow artists might find useful, so I can even make videos about that. 

Does anyone else like that quote by Nikos Katantzakis - "In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can." 

I think it couldn't be more true in the art world. We all start off drawing stick figures and Christmas trees made up of three triangles stacked upon one another. It takes drive to become better at anything. I know my videos will not be seen by many right now, but I believe one day they could reach a wider audience. It's always good to try! right?

Below is my first video, I know it is imperfect. My goal is to master the time-lapse video with my upcoming paintings. I still really enjoy this one though. If nobody notices, I would like to point out my shirt changes a few times in the video, because I didn't actually finish the painting in 50 seconds, but oh how I wish...


- Julia 



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