Welcome to Robin Sun Art!

My  name is Julia Robinson and I am the artist behind Robin Sun Art. I work from a cozy home studio in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. I do everything concerning my shop, I paint, scan, edit, print, and package. Want a custom painting? message my shop and I will be the one to reply and happily work with you on your special piece. click here to go to my contact page

My Backstory as an Artist

My relationship with art has been nearly life long. A love of art ran in my family and it did not take long for me to follow suit. Growing up I was the quiet kid that drew a lot. In 2015 I was attending an art school (RMCAD) which brought me from my home of New Mexico to Colorado. At that point I set my goals on making a living at art in one way or other. For a brief time I was studying interior design. This was because I did not believe I could successfully paint for a living, but my confidence steadily grew and urged me to try anyway. I quit my study of interior design and opened Robin Sun Art in 2016. Robin Sun Art at first grew very slowly, and then quite suddenly into what it is now. I am coming up with new ideas daily and am so excited for the future of this little shop. I like having the freedom to pursue many different ideas and provide goods and services for all price ranges. you will find a wide variety of art and goods on my site.

More about my shop

Robin Sun Art was named after my last name, Robinson. I started my business on Etsy where shop names can have no spacing in them. On there I was RobinSunArt. Many peopIe have since called me Robin by accident, assuming it was my first name. It has become an alias of sorts. I create a variety of artworks here. Most of which are inspired by nature and my own interests, which can be all over the place. One of these interests led to my custom pet portraits. My first models were my own dogs (I have three!) I painted Max first, just for fun. Now I have done many portraits of other people's pets and it is something I continue to truly enjoy. I put many hours and all my care into my custom portraits. From communicating with my customers making sure they are happy with my work, to spending hours painting individual hairs on a snout, it is quite labor intensive work. This makes up the higher end of my shop as my price reflects the work I put into the artwork. This shop however will always have it's very affordable aspects as well. I love making my prints because they turn out beautifully and are so easily available to everyone. I make all my 8"x10 and 11"x14" prints at home with an impressive Epson P400 printer. In the past year I have branched out to putting my artwork on other affordable items, such as mugs and shirts. These items I have drop shipped, as I do not have the means to make them at home. I have however tested the quality of all my products and can say I am quite happy with each one!